Hypersonica enables the world’s leading device makers and mobile operators to offer an engaging mobile internet experience to their customers.

We generate significant revenue for our partners by finding the optimum balance between user experience and monetisation.


Hypersonica is a mobile search app, featuring real-time search, news and sport

Real-time search: We integrate with the world’s leading social networks, so users see local search results based on what’s happening, right now, in real time.

News: Our on-the-minute news, sport, and lifestyle stories are sourced from over 30,000 global news publishers and blogs.

Sport: From Japanese Professional Baseball to English Premier League, we provide live scores, results and statistics on over 30 sports globally.


Mobile Device Makers and Network Operators

Hypersonica enables our partners to realise significant new revenue streams for the entire mobile device lifecycle.

Our unique package of real-time search, news and sport gives our partners a differentiated product and competitive advantage.

& Brands

Hypersonica’s high-volume global distribution gives our partners the scale to expand their reach.

Our advanced user profiling and analytics ensures we target, and engage with, the right user at the right time.


Hypersonica was founded in 2013. Our headquarters are in London with people and offices in Prague, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.

Our team comprises experts in machine learning and data science, user experience design, mobile product monetisation and global app distribution.


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